• Your Property Is Our Business

What’s your monthly fee?
A: 10% of monthly collected rent.

What does the management fee include?
A: Advertising, property tours, tenant screening, leasing, lease enforcement, maintenance management, inspections, accounts payable and receivables. 

Any hidden fees?
A: Nothing hidden, but we do charge a $300 lease fee and $55/hr for maintenance performed by our Maintenance Techs.

Are you licensed and insured?
A: Yes we are licensed with the State of Montana Board of Realty and are insured.

How many years in business?
A: We have been operating since 2005. 

How do you handle maintenance?
A: Tenants are required to submit requests in writing through the tenant portal. Once the work order is received, the proper vendor or Maintenance Tech are dispatched. Owners are notified via email the issue and the cost for repair. 

How do you handle emergencies?
A: We are available 24/7 for emergencies. Our call center notifies one of our team members via text, phone and email, so that we can make sure the emergency is properly handled, tenants are communicated to, owners are notified, and the proper vendor is dispatched.

How are vendor invoices and maintenance/repairs paid?
A: We require all clients to have a minimum maintenance reserve of $350. The reserve funds come out of the rent income but is still the clients’ money. These funds are used to pay for materials and labor if emergency needs arise. There is a $150 reserve cap, which means we must seek approval from the client, before approving estimates above $150. We do not front payments for vendor invoices.

How do you handle lease renewals?
A: We contact the client 90 days out from the end of the lease term to determine what the client would like to do. If they wish to continue renting the property, then we will review current market rent rates and finalize with the client rent rates and new terms, if any. All properties are inspected prior to renewing the lease. Tenants are notified in writing, 60 days out from the end of the term to identify their leasing intentions. If they intend to move out, by Landlord Tenant Laws, they must notify us 30 days before the end of their lease.

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