• Your Property Is Our Business

We recognize the concerns clients may have when considering new management. After 18+ years of on-boarding clients, we've developed a four-step process to make the transition smooth.

1. Let’s connect. Call 406.582.7490 ext 109 to speak to one of our team experts to learn about our services. We will review advertising techniques, leasing protocols, current market rent rates, maintenance management and accounting. All start paperwork needed to open an account will be emailed.

2. Next we will work through our management transition profile. This is our property assessment form to help us get to know the particulars of your property. Think of it is a snapshot of your property to include tenant information, lease terms and ongoing services like lawn care, irrigation, snow removal, etc. We will note ongoing or current maintenance issues here.

3. We will arrange a site visit. Every property is unique, and we will gather important information from visiting your property and photos for advertising. Often improvements from operations start here!

4. If the property is rented, we will send a welcome letter to the tenants notifying them of new management. We will invite them to call us if they have questions. This is a chance to make a connection and start a positive working relationship with them. We will inform them that they can pay rent and make maintenance requests online through their own secure tenant portal and provide them with how to reach us in case of an emergency.

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